Lauren S. Henry, Sensory Designer and Color Consultant, is an east coast transplant and graduate of Syracuse University. She taught K-6 in the Maryland/Northern Virginia School Systems between 2000 – 2004 and found a way to combine her passions for art, kids, psychology and writing, as well as her desire to make a difference in the world. She founded an innovative new business, With a Brush of Love.

Through With a Brush of Love, Lauren utilizes a wide variety of techniques to transform the lives of children diagnosed with autism and other special needs through their surroundings. The goal can be to pacify those who are overly agitated or aggressive, stimulate the withdrawn, or improve focus and concentration. Ultimately, it’s possible to dramatically increase one’s ability to succeed in all areas, scholastically, socially and most importantly, within the home.

Here are just a few of With a Brush of Love’s accomplishments:

  • Hosted Inaugural International Naturally Autistic People Awards in Vancouver, BC, October, 2010.
  • We were thrilled to have had a wonderful article written about our work in the Impact section in The Huffington Post on September 10th, check it out!
  • Published first book, “Unique Kids. Unique Surroundings.” now on in September, 2009 and available for purchase right here!
  • Invited by the International Volunteer Organization, Hands On Tokyo, to head up the renovation of a Nursery/Orphanage in Tokyo
  • Invited by the U.S. Military/MCCS & The Exceptional Family Member Program to work with military family’s with autistic and special needs children at Camp Foster in Okinawa
  • Featured designer on HGTV’s “kidspace” and Contributing designer on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
  • Artwork featured in James Gray Gallery in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA
  • Received Customer Service, Rave Reviews Award as “One of the Top 10 Service Oriented Companies” from The Washington Business Journal

For more information on Lauren, check out her _Electronic Press Kit_!

No one likes to feel continually frustrated, exhausted or helpless, especially with regard to their own children.  Yet many parents, friends, teachers and therapists feel exactly that way.  But imagine this –playtime with your kids, easier communication and connection, a sudden hug, smile, or happy tug of your hand.  Your son sleeping through the night, your daughter getting into bed herself without an entire hour’s routine every night.  Your child being able to self soothe within their own space and manage their own emotions with less dependence on you.  Imagine your child connecting with you in some personal and direct way to express their feelings toward you, their mommy and daddy.  These things can happen.  It might take months, weeks, or sometimes only days.  The changes you need to make may not need to be as complicated as you think!

Parents spend so much time, money, effort and worry trying to find the “best” care for their children, frantically searching for the answers to all their challenges. They tend to forget what works for one child won’t necessarily work for another, but they won’t know that until they try it. That’s where so much time and money can be wasted. Let me share a basic piece of information that, while basic, is often glossed over but is extremely fundamental in nature.