The Eisenberg Family:

The Eisenbergs, Pam, Adam & daughter Megan (9 yrs. old).  Before, Megan’s bedroom was filled with visual stimulation overload!  Overwhelming amounts colors, objects; and shapes, a cluttered environment, constant stimulation and a mounting sense of frustration just walking into the room. Now, her space reflects a complete sense of tranquility and calm. It sustains a bit of energy to inspire play, creates reassurance and allows Megan to self-soothe using her room almost like an “friend”, an oasis that embraces her no matter how she’s feeling. All the sensory elements and details now work together like a puzzle which creates a more optimal and personally supportive environment. We also hear this new atmosphere has revealed a new sense of self-confidence and introspection which has really changed Megan’s daily demeanor, not to mention the entire family’s experience as a whole!

The den was being used more like a room for work and storage. Nothing designated or functional regardless of what may have been intended, so it was no surprise the family rarely thought of it as a place to come together.  As we were on a very tight timeline and budget, we focused on making the major changes in Megan’s bedroom and then made significant but more basic changes to the den making it more functional, warm and cohesive.  It now works as an office for mom & dad, a studio for Megan and a family room that can be used to bring the family together as well as warm and friendly area for entertaining friends and family. The colors were kept warm and neutral, minimal. We brought specific pictures of friends and family, images with specific meaning to surround them and a separate space for Megan to work as well. She could escape into her work while remaining in the same space with everyone, or involve herself with those around her. There are many unique details we add to make our spaces unusually functional for every individual.

The Davis Family:

The Davis Family – Kristen, Garey & their son Merrick (2.5 yrs. old) Before, Merrick’s bedroom was stark white, had harsh lighting, and was full of visual excess and overly stimulating colors and shapes. After removing everything, replacing the lighting, being wary of texture regarding the bedding, throw rug and pillows etc… and making sure the paint colors created an overall sense of tranquility while still having elements of sustainable energy,  the difference was incredibly impactful and immediate!

Merrick Before-After View #2