Unique Kids, Unique Surroundings
With a Brush of Love specializes in the sensory design of environments that support the emotional and intellectual well being of special needs children.

The guidelines in this book apply to ALL children. Whether your child is “neuro-typical” or has a special need, “Unique Kids, Unique Surroundings” can help you improve his or her quality of life with practical guidelines that require no formal training or artistic expertise.


  • Immediate knowledge as to how to create supportive sensory surroundings on a budget at your local home improvement store.
  • Establishes a renewed sense of empowerment regarding how to make an immediate difference for your child based on their specific individual needs.
  • Targets the typical dilemma of how to address the needs of siblings sharing a space, especially when one is on the spectrum.


“We love this book!” Short, sweet; and jam packed with helpful, easy to follow information that allows absolutely anyone to make sense of their surroundings and create a space that will work for them emotionally, mentally, functionally and aesthetically. Specifically with regard to the importance of sensory elements for children diagnosed with autism, and other special needs, the impact is frequently significant and the difference these simple but very specific changes can make, especially in our facility can’t be ignored– We’ve even acquired several books as resources for our clients!”

– Fiona Visocnik, OTR/L Director Weeefun, Therapy for Children, Arcadia, CA
August, 2010

Unique Kids, Unique Surroundings teaches us that with proper use of color and design, you can create a harmonious environment in which your child can grow and thrive.

Remember, when designing the ideal environment for you child, always start With a Brush of Love!

The Effective Use of Color Webinar
Lauren begins to explain the significant effect color has on our emotions and how to begin discerning the difference between colors as well as how they affect you. Download it for FREE now!


  • Learn why color has such a major subliminal impact on all of us, particularly those diagnosed with autism and other special needs.
  • Discover why variations of shades, specific color combination’s and what rooms we chose to utilize those colors in make such a difference in our  mental and emotional state.
  • Revealing how old attitudes and assumptions can negatively affect your child