Ready, Set, Lights!

I was in a local restaurant with a friend the other night and was reminded once again how the elements of one’s surroundings can change one’s entire experience.  While it was lovely, and the lighting was somewhat dim, the sound started to become overwhelming with the noise of enthusiastic discussion, the lights changed again, making it hard to read but clear that we were entering late evening and I felt as though my experience was being controlled by a “puppeteer”, a “wizard” if you will…(I didn’t have any ruby slippers though :)    someone maneuvering the lights, sound, temperature – the overall construction of the room even changed throughout the night.  Then, as quickly as everyone entered and the lights went down, all at once the lights became brighter, the sound began to ease and the crowded room dissipated quickly, the evening was over and no words were ever spoken to convey that message.  The environment did all the talking…

Do you ever notice how  important finding just the right “ambiance” is when you’re choosing  restaurant for a special occasion?  Creating a specific atmosphere at home or simply want a place to relax?  Well, lighting is the star of that show – every other decision we make when creating a space is going to be dramatically affected by the type of lighting you select.

So take time to consider how you want your child to feel in each space they spend time in and what function they need to accomplish in that space as well.   If you are focusing on all the right elements, you will be able to create the most optimum and individualized surroundings for your child, yourself and your entire family!

If you find yourself in a space that has any kind of florescent lighting that can’t be easily replaced, this is my suggestion. GET RID OF IT! and you’ll even save money! Simply turn off the lights and purchase cheap stand alone lamps i.e.(Target, Walmart, Ikea)as well as soft light and white bulbs. Use these stand alone lamps in place of the overhead florescent lights whenever possible. When combined with the natural daylight, you’ll have the most optimum lighting possible!

– Another thought – rather than selecting the typical switches, I find that dimmers often work a bit better in terms of convenience, controlling the exact type of lighting you prefer, as well as supporting your mood or when necessary, assisting you in changing it!

- Finally, just keep a few things in mind. Of course, we all want to keep costs down, be “green” and do what is best for our family’s – but, there’s so much discussion about energy consumption that some important facts tend to be overlooked. While those big curly light bulbs, Compact Florescent Light bulb (CFL’s ) are wonderful at saving on your energy bill, please remember to be cautious about where you use them. They contain mercury and if and when broken, it is not something that can be easily “cleaned.” Dispose of them with gloves and use a couple of trash bags when removing them from your home. This is important, don’t be fooled by the “minuscule” amounts of mercury quoted on the light bulb labels, if at all. It’s too easy to avoid unnecessary complications and health issues in your home.   So jump in, make small changes and allow yourself to feel empowered, you CAN make a difference!

Remember, Color Creates Change!

Your Favorite Sensory Design Specialist & Color Expert,


Posted on June 25, 2011 at 6:28 pm by Lauren, your Sensory Design Specialist

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