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Justine Sherman & Associates had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Henry as our guest speaker for our monthly parent group on December 2, 2010.  Ms. Henry’s presentation taught us that by using easy design and color principals and increasing our awareness of how our children react to specific environments, we can make sense of our sensory surroundings and create environments in which our children can thrive.  The presentation was lively and interactive and above all informative!  We look forward to collaborating with Ms. Henry and With a Brush of Love again in the future.”

Justine Sherman, MA, CCC-SLP, COM -Executive Director  December 2, 2010

Some of her most popular seminars are:

Discover What Colors Work for Your Child
Learn how to decipher the types of colors, shades, and hues you are drawn to and why, to easily determine your child’s needs.

Being “Green” with Every Color!
Discover how to keep the atmosphere chemical free, support the environment, and create optimum surroundings while maintaining a healthy atmosphere and utilizing less expensive “mainstream” materials.

Discover Your Child’s Sensory-”Fingerprint
Develop the ability to identify the elements that will work best for your child’s needs according to their personality type and create the desired result for each room of your home. You will also learn how to appropriately incorporate those elements into your child’s space and significantly affect your child’s progress.

Sensational Sensory Scenarios
Learn how to address the individual needs of your child and how to create the perfect atmosphere to support those needs – and watch your child THRIVE!

Audience members come away with new tools to understand the importance of colors, textures, and all the sensory elements that surround each of us, as well as a heightened appreciation for the significant ways in which environment affects our children – especially those diagnosed with autism or a special need.

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