These projects show how impactful our sensory surroundings are and the unique opportunities we’ve had to make a difference! We want to share them with you…

Okinawa Makeover Highlights
Camp Foster

“This was such an extreme honor. Humbling; and an incredible learning experience overall. No matter how much we’re able to give, it’s easy to forget how much more we tend to receive back and that was definitely the case…in this video, you’ll see the fun highlights of what we were able to accomplish with the help of the fabulous Marines who are so strong and disciplined, yet, couldn’t hold back their emotions when they saw the immense reactions of the little boy and the changes they helped create for the entire Davis family! They were shocked by how significant the impact of color, lighting, texture, spatial organization etc..had been once they were utilized in a specific way and in such a short time. It was overwhelming, gratifying, rewarding and very emotional for all of us, it was truly a gift!”

Hands on Tokyo

“Being invited to work with this phenomenal international volunteer organization was an unexpected privilege. We were given the honor of overseeing the renovation of Sai Sei Kai Hospital Nursery & Orphanage Project for children from new born to age three, many of who remain undiagnosed with various special needs as it remains “taboo” to acknowledge anything “unique” and/or unusual about one’s child. Especially where specific support or assistance may be required.. With all the immense growth of technology in Japan, the nursery remained cold, in hiding, with steel cribs, diapers for bumpers and; thankfully, fabulously committed and loving caretakers who make lemonade out of lemons every single day without fail. We were told the changes we made affected the caretakers more quickly than the children! (we can’t share the internal results of our work with you because due to the sensitive nature of the location, we weren’t allowed to take pictures”.

Autism Hangout Special Report

Craig Evans, the Founder of Autism Hangout has invited me several times as a guest on his cutting edge and informative radio show. This is an interview sharing the release of my first book, Unique Kids. Unique Surroundings!

Other Projects & Upcoming Projects

Dream Project at Crossroads
“One of the most rewarding projects I’ve been involved in and it’s just beginning! These kids have been “thrown away” and deemed “unreachable”… yet, with some genuine interest and compassionate attention, the sparkle, interest and brilliance of these kids begins to radiate and is already impossible to restrain! Having the opportunity to collaborate with The Dream Project, we get to create an environment in their school that will emulate their new found confidence, self-esteem and excitement about themselves, their community and their future!”