“With a Brush of Love” has been endorsed by State Senator Tony Strickland and California State Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, 57th District

With a Brush of Love is also consistently listed as a resource on The Autism Society of America website.


“Working with Lauren at With a Brush of Love has been a very positive experience. She has gone above and beyond in supporting our project. Despite working long distance, working with Brush of Love has been quite productive. Lauren has been very accessible, accommodating, knowledgeable, and flexible.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me at (780) 233- 7837. You can also review our project at www.childrensautism.ca.”

- Terri Duncan, MSLP, R.SLP
Executive Director, Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton / www.childrensautism.ca
July 2011 – Present

“We hired Color Expert and Sensory Design Specialist, Lauren S. Henry this past summer to guide us in the renovation of our new Weeefun facility in Arcadia, CA. We were a bit concerned at first only because we didn’t have much time to offer her, as a matter of fact, we had less than 72 hours to make some major decisions in order to accomplish our goals for the upcoming weekend and were just hoping she was available! When we explained what we were up against, she went out of her way to re-organize her time and make herself available to us immediately. We needed to select colors, paint and renovate our entire space very quickly and efficiently. Lauren drove out to our new space the very next day and spent several hours with us consulting on specific colors, items, spatial organization; and every sensory element down to the color of our hammocks – All we can say is that despite our time constraints, the space was more than we could have anticipated. The proof was obvious during our Open House, our clients, parents, therapists and families agreed, the difference was incredibly impactful! We would recommend her to anyone wanting to create a beautiful space that is both incredibly supportive and functional – Thank you Lauren!”

-Fiona Visocnik, Weeefun Therapy for Children – OTR/L Director
Arcadia, CA -August, 2010

“Our family was chosen to be the lucky recipients of a room transformation for Room to Be Different in August. My husband and I were very excited! We had been wanting to do something for our daughter’s room that was age appropriate (she just turned 9). She is autistic and we have about 20 hours a week of at home therapies. Our hope was that the changes would not be so overwhelming to her and would help her regulate when she has a meltdown and transitions would be faster and less stressful on all of us. The Room to Be Different crew lead by Lauren did not disappoint us! We were blown away with the transformation of the den which was just basic room for playing on the computer and video games to a FAMILY Room which has brought us closer, helped Megan to connect to us and spend more time together talking and sharing ideas. Since our daughter is an artist, Lauren featured lots of Megan’s art on her very own “gallery wall” and Megan is taking pride in her work for the very first time.

The best change is how much Megan loves being in her new room which was the biggest transformation for all of us! She loves being in her room and finds that it is very soothing, quiet and loves hanging out with her nanny to just talk. We find that she makes better transitions and not so indecisive about choices and has become very flexible. Because she has Anxiety Disorder and ADHD as well as Autism we were a little scared of the changes. Everything has been so great! We’re watching Megan do things she’s never done before…Lauren’s passion and commitment to our family that weekend and even now has made a huge impact on our daughter, our family and our community.”

- Pam & Adam Eisenberg,
Chatsworth, Ca August 2010 -

“Lauren Henry has such a gift!  When I first met her, I was skeptical that Lauren could create a room that my 9 year old son would be comfortable in, as he had been sleeping in his nanny’s room since he was 3 years old. Lauren worked closely with our family to find out what would make my son comfortable in his bedroom environment.  The first night his bedroom was painted, my son slept in his room, and he’s been sleeping in there every night since then!  I can’t thank Lauren enough for the impact she’s had on our family and specifically, in addressing the special needs of my son.”

- Julia & Reid Kreitman
Pacific Palisades, CA  July 2010 -

My last night in Okinawa

“The change we saw in our son from Lauren’s makeover was amazing! We did not expect him to warm up to any environment so quickly.  Our son was diagnosed with Autism almost a year ago. He has very little language and his surroundings tend to set him off for no reason. Lauren came in and gave him an environment that has opened him up in ways we could have never imagined. He fell asleep within 15 minutes of being put to bed the first night! It has been an ongoing blessing to watch him daily going to bed faster, staying asleep longer, and waking up calmer. Our little boy is relaxed for the first time. He is comfortable with his room, his bed, and himself. Lauren gave us peace as parents, but more importantly she gave our son peace.”

“”We are so grateful to Lauren for the wonderful work she did on the Saiseikai playroom and garden renovation project in Tokyo. Her insights and solutions have made an immediate difference in the lives of the children there and will have an impact for many years to come. The children’s caregivers say they already notice a difference in their own energy and well being when in the newly painted room. We look forward to having Lauren back to collaborate on future renovation projects involving children with special needs.”

Marjorie Dewey-Chiba, her husband & I in Tokyo- Marjorie Dewey-Chiba,Executive Director - Hands On Tokyo, July 2009"

- Marine Sgt. Garey & Kristen Davis, Camp Foster,
Okinawa, Japan EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program)

“The room that Lauren designed for my son has been wonderful for him. The calming blue tones and ‘outer space’ theme are perfect for him. He has spent more time playing in his room and seems to really enjoy his surroundings. The design elements that she suggested have been a great fit in his ‘new’ room and very functional as well! We have been very happy with the outcome and can’t thank Lauren enough!!”

- Lori & Aaron Emi,
Huntington Beach, CA

“When we finished remodeling our home, my boys were going to move into a room together. I have one with autism and a second with ADHD. I knew I needed someone who specialized in children with sensory needs and wouldn’t do the usual bright colors and open toy bins.

Lauren had amazing suggestion and followed through with amazing results. Her insight into my own boys was so valuable and has created a space that is “cool” without being overwhelming. I would highly recommend her work.”

- Michael & Megan Browne,
Sierra Madre, CA

“We noticed almost immediately the difference in both Jon Russ and Adrian for the first time they both began sleeping through the night IN THEIR OWN ROOM! For several years Adrian would constantly have trouble falling asleep in his room and would literally come and sit outside our door until we would let him in to sleep with us; naturally Jon Russ would follow suit now they’ve definitely calmed down in the evenings, spend more time in their room with OUT me having to say a word and sleep in THEIR room. We’re very happy with the results! Thank you!”

-John and Shary Wemple
HGTV family from “Kidspace!”

“Our twin boys got excited from the moment we unwrapped their customized rocking chairs. Reading and telling stories has a whole new meaning for them now… they seem very relaxed and soothed by the colors used. Lauren really did a great job of listening to what each of our boys liked and it shows in her work. Thank you for caring, listening and giving us a great tool for our family.”

- Marc & Tina Zimmerman
Encinitas, CA

“It makes a big difference when parents and kids walk through the door, it’s more fun than scary.” (regarding the two 6’ murals donated by A Brush of Love to the New Horizons wing of Children’s National Medical Center)

- Tina Lassiter

Manager, New Horizons
Children’s National Medical Center, Washington DC

“Ms. Henry worked beautifully with our mentally ill children while she painted the unit. Her work is thorough and her interactions with the staff, patients and families were always professional. I highly recommend her”

- Katie Garten, RN, MSN, APRN, BC
Children’s National Medical Center
Clinical Manager, Inpatient Child Psychiatry

“The children were so thrilled to hear what With a Brush of Love and Lauren’s personalized artwork represented, and there was place to add their experiences and emotions through their own expression within the artwork. It really brightens up the Teen Room and is a powerful example of what the Tri-Delta members, alumni and St. Jude’s children can accomplish.”

- Sarah Hackett
Collegiate Marketing Manager, ALSAC/St. Jude