Lauren S. Henry is an experienced speaker who offers a variety of seminars & workshops geared towards different audiences.
Some of these include:

“The Effective Use of Color”

Designed for parents of children diagnosed with autism and other special needs, this interactive seminar is offered in both a two hour and more extensive four hour version. Lauren addresses the common effects of various colors on the psyche, and addresses how to effectively use them to provide your child (or your whole family) with a more supportive environment. Color is critical!

“Optimizing Your Environment”

This is a comprehensive workshop, very experiential in nature. There are three options available.

  • Parents/Families – focusing on how to create the most supportive environment for your child.
  • Therapists/Educators for autistic and special needs children -focusing on creating environments more conducive, effective and efficient regarding teaching practices and therapy.
  • Business/Corporate-focusing on creating an efficient, energized work environment for your home office or corporate environment, ultimately improving one’s overall productivity.

In each case, the ultimate goal remains the same, but the techniques may differ. Ms. Henry provides extensive guidance on the use of color, lighting, spatial organization, and sound in terms of creating the optimal environment for your specific needs. She will also discuss health-conscious (green) and energy efficient choices, especially regarding how some of the products we use may not be as helpful as we thought.